Elevate Your Event
Branding with KonfHub

When it comes to hosting events, every detail matters. KonfHub's White Labeling Feature empowers you to elevate your brand by customizing various elements of your event, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for your attendees. You can now customize the event page, checkout page, tickets & invoices with your logos. You can even customize elements like Terms & Conditions and the email id from which you send you communication.

Checkout Page Customization

Customize the Ticket Purchase Flow

Checkout Page
With this feature, you can now customize the Checkout Page with your brand logo. You can also customize the Terms & Conditions text with links to relevant privacy policy or terms and conditions pages.

Customize Your Logo in Checkout Page

Customize Terms & Conditions

Checkout Page
Ticket and Invoice

Tickets and Invoice Customization

Enhance Attendee Journey with Branded Tickets

Ticket And Invoice
Impress attendees from the moment they buy a ticket. The White Labeling Feature enables you to prominently display your logo on tickets and invoices, contributing to a professional appearance and reinforcing your brand throughout the entire event journey.

Customize Logo in Ticket

Customize Logo in Invoice

Discover Seamless Event Branding!

Check out our blog for a step-by-step guide on using KonfHub's White Label feature.