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Audience use cases
Organizing large events is a challenging task. KonfHub has features and benefits that automate and simplify most of your tasks. Read more to know how!
Audience use cases

Conferences & Summits

KonfHub simplifies event planning with customizable features
KonfHub can simplify the lives of event organizers by assisting with the planning of large tech conferences, whether organized by corporate or developer/student communities. KonfHub helps your life as an organizer easier.
  • Increase registrations with automated referral contests
  • Utilize customizable ticketing options to fit your requirements
  • Keep attendees engaged with live quizzes during the event
  • Benefit from features such as hidden tickets and approval-based registrations
  • Conveniently use check-in and sponsor apps

College Fests & Cultural Events

KonfHub streamlines academic tech festivals
Academic technology festivals are no easy feat, especially with a large number of participants. Luckily, KonfHub comes to the rescue by providing effective features for overcoming the many challenges involved in organizing such events.
  • Efficiently manage multiple tickets and discount codes
  • Generate combined tickets for participants purchasing multiple event tickets
  • Seamlessly manage hundreds or thousands of attendees with the check-in app at registration desks
  • Reward participants with participation certificates and gather valuable feedback

Meetups & Webinars

Organize meetups and webinars effortlessly with KonfHub
KonfHub provides a convenient solution for organizing community meetups and online webinars by streamlining the registration process and ensuring the smooth execution of your event.
  • Quick and easy registration process with the option to add more fields
  • Live quizzing feature to engage and excite participants during the event
  • Automatic issuance of participation certificates to incentivize participation
  • Ability to contact participants through email, WhatsApp, and SMS campaigns
  • Creation of customizable and branded event pages in a quick and efficient manner

Trainings & Hackthons

One-stop solution for events like workshops and hackathons!
For small events such as workshops, trainings and hackathons, KonfHub offers comprehensive solution:
  • Branded event pages that are customizable to your needs
  • Collect participant registration (can be downloaded later)
  • Engage participants using live quizzing
  • Collect feedback and automatically issue participation certificates