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Our platform provides sponsors with a user-friendly method to gather leads via our Sponsor App from booths. Simply share a unique sponsor code with your sponsors for easy app usage. The web app is accessible on mobile devices supporting Android & iOS - no installation required!
Built-in Capture Leads



Effortless lead collection

Built-in Capture Leads
Our Sponsor App simplifies the lead capture process, allowing your sponsors to collect valuable booth visitor details seamlessly from booth visitors. With our Sponsor App, sponsors can simply scan attendee QR codes, instantly collecting vital information. The app supports searching scanned leads using phone, email etc. Also, it is easy to add comments to scanned leads simplifying the lead follow-up.

QR Code Capture

Easy to Use

Search Leads

Add Comments



Auto-sync leads all leads together

Team Access
To get access to the sponsor app to the event, an organizer has to create a sponsor code and provide it to the booth staff/sponsor. The entire booth staff can use the same access code to sync-up the collected leads irrespective of the kind of devices used. With this approach, restricted access is provided to the event, and at the same time it is easy for the entire booth staff of the sponsors to sync the collected leads in a single place!

Team Access

Auto-sync Leads

Safe/Restricted Access

Team Access
Download leads



Data at your fingertips

Download Leads
We know that the value of leads extends beyond the event. KonfHub's Sponsor App empowers sponsors to download captured leads, making it easy to integrate them into their post-event strategies. Whether it's for follow-ups, marketing campaigns, or future collaborations, the data is ready and waiting in a downloadable format.

Download Leads

Export Data

No App Installation


Install the app or just use it - it's your choice!

No Installation Required
The sponsor app is a Progressive Web App (PWA) - in simple terms what it means is that you don’t have to install it to use it! Be it your laptop, tablet, Android or iOS device, you can just get access to the app and use it. However, if you do want to install and use it in your mobile, you can install and use it like a regular mobile app!

No Installation Required

No Installation Required
use cases



Can be used in any sponsor booths - be it expos, trade fairs or conferences

Use Cases
The KonfHub's sponsor app is well-suited for any situations where sponsor booths are there: expos, conferences, trade-fairs, and more. With this app, booth visitors show their registration QR code in the ticket or printed in the lanyard to the sponsor. Any of the booth staff can use the app to simply scan the QR code to complete the lead collection.


Trade Fairs